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Where Is Wynberg In South Africa

Where is Wynberg in South Africa 

Wynberg is a City of Cape Town neighborhood in the Western Cape region of South Africa. It is a major transportation hub for Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs and is located halfway between Plumstead and Kenilworth.


Wynberg can be found in the Western Cape. Wynberg is roughly 6.7 kilometers / 4.2 mi from Cape Town, the state capital of the Western Cape (as the crow flies). Wynberg and Pretoria, the capital of South Africa, are separated by a distance of roughly 1,314 kilometers (817 mi) (as the crow flies).

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How would you rate Wynberg?

A popular and long-standing neighborhood in the Western Cape, Wynberg is well-known for its Maynardville open-air theater, its charming Chelsea Village, and its top-notch dining establishments. 

What city is Wynberg in?

South Africa’s Western Cape region includes Wynberg as a suburb of the City of Cape Town. The Southern Suburbs of Cape Town Tourist Attractions’ primary transportation hub is located there, halfway between Plumstead and Kenilworth.

A sizable open space designed to imitate a classic European town square and an office building are both part of Nelson Mandela Square, a shopping center in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa. 3 km west of Wynberg is Nelson Mandela Square.

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Neighborhoods in the Region


Township in the Gauteng province of South Africa called Alexandra, also known as Alex informally.


In addition to being a Sandton suburb, Marlboro is a component of the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality.

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