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Where to Buy Rye Flour in South Africa?

Rye flour (from rye grain) is a whole grain flour made from ground rye berries that can create everything from bread and rolls to pizza dough, pasta and more. South Africa has an excellent variety of rye flours available, most of which are produced by local producers and bakeries in your area. If you’re searching for the best places to buy rye flour in South Africa, you’ve come to the right place! Here are our top 5 favourite rye flours on offer locally..

Where can I find organic rye flour in South Africa?

Rye flour is a type of whole grain flour that has been used for centuries and is still commonly used today. It can be made from a variety of grains, such as wheat, barley, oats, or rye. The most common types of rye flour are made from rye berries. South African supermarkets offer a number of brands that sell rye flour. For example, some popular stores in Johannesburg are Pick n Pay and Shoprite Supermarkets.

Where can I find a stone ground or whole grain rye flour in South Africa?

Depending on where you are, finding stone ground or whole grain rye flour may not be as easy as you think. The best place to buy rye flour is a store that specializes in European goods, but it can also be found at stores like Woolworths and Makro. You can also find it online by searching through online retailers like Woolworths or take a look at your local health food store.

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