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Where to Buy Saffron in South Africa

Where to Buy Saffron in South Africa

Where to Buy Saffron in South Africa
Where to Buy Saffron in South Africa

The flower of Crocus sativus, sometimes referred to as the “saffron crocus,” is the source of the spice known as saffron. The vibrant red stigma and styles, sometimes known as “threads,” are harvested and dried for use primarily as culinary flavor and coloring. The most expensive spice in the world by weight has long been saffron.

What are some places in South Africa where you can get saffron?

  1. Saffron Spice Box Pavilion

Address: Corner of Harry Gwala Road The Pavillion Shopping Centre Shop 6, Checkers Hyper Dawncliffe Westville, Durban, 3629, South Africa

Hours: Open Closes 7PM

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Phone: +27 31 266 2119

  1. Saffron Spice Box Pietermaritzburg

Address: 619 Chief Albert Luthuli St, Scottsville, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa

Hours: Open Closes 6PM

Phone: +27 33 348 2812

  1. Saffraan Quality Spices & Baking Essentials

Address: 88 Milton Rd, Vasco Estate, Cape Town, 7460, South Africa

Hours: Open Closes 5:30PM

Phone: +27 21 591 2266

  1. Saffron And Spice Foods

Address: 318 Tara Rd, Wentworth, Bluff, 4052, South Africa

Hours: Open Closes 6PM

Phone: +27 81 218 7838.

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Is there saffron in South Africa?

Saffron, sometimes known as “red gold,” may be purchased in South Africa for as much as R250 per gram (or R250 000 per kilogram). The high cost is related to the labor-intensive harvesting techniques used, which include doing everything by hand, from plucking the blossoms to removing the threads.

What is the price of saffron in South Africa?

around R250 000 per kilogram. The retail cost of saffron in South Africa is around R250 000 per kilogram.

What makes saffron healthy for you?

the final result. A potent spice with lots of antioxidants is saffron. It has been connected to health advantages like increased weight reduction and lessened PMS symptoms, as well as better mood, libido, and sexual performance. The best part is that adding it to your diet is simple and typically safe for most individuals.

What stores sell saffron bulbs?

Although you might be able to locate them for sale at a small local nursery or catalog, most people choose to buy them from a reliable online nursery. You are quite rare to discover them at a chain store or large box retailer. You may plant the saffron crocus bulbs in your yard once you’ve made your purchase.

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