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Where to Pay TV License in South Africa?

South Africa has a TV licence that is required by law to pay for the use of television in the home. The licence is a way to monitor and control the number of TV sets in South Africa.

The cost of a TV licence depends on how many TVs are used in your household and where you live. If you have one TV, it will cost R69 per month for each TV. If you have over one, it will cost R119 per month for each additional TV. This price includes the annual fee for your first two TVs, which is R119 per year. If you have four TVs or more, it will cost R169 per month for each additional TV.

TV licences are issued at post offices and can be paid there or with cash at any SARS branch office or SARS agent’s office throughout South Africa

How to Apply for a TV Licence in South Africa?

To apply for a TV Licence in South Africa, you will need to fill out the application form. The form is divided into sections that you will need to complete.

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If you are applying for a new TV Licence, you will need to supply your ID number or passport number and your contact details. If you are applying for a replacement TV Licence, your details should be the same as the current licence holder’s.

The application fee can be paid by cash or credit card. The payment can also be made over the phone with a credit card after filling out an order form

Where is my nearest TV Licencing Office in South Africa?

The TV Licensing Office is a place where you can get your TV Licence. It is the agency that issues licences for televisions in the country.

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The licence is required to watch or record live television, or use a television in a public place. The TV Licensing Office will issue you with a licence and give you information on how to pay your fee.

Go to your municipality for the nearest TV license office.

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