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Who is the New Public Protector in South Africa?

The Public Protector is a constitutional institution in South Africa that was established in 1994 by the Constitution of South Africa. It has a mandate to support and strengthen constitutional democracy, to investigate any conduct of state officials that is alleged or suspected to be unlawful and to take appropriate remedial action.

The Public Protector investigates allegations of maladministration in the public sector. They can act against any person or institution found guilty of misconduct, corruption or abuse of power. The Public Protector can also initiate investigations on its own accord into the conduct of certain public officials.

The Public Protector has the power to instruct witnesses and compel them to testify before it. They also have the power to call for documents from government institutions, as well as summon people for questioning or give them orders on what they must do.

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Why Many South Africans are Fighting for the Public Protector’s Removal

The Public Protector is an institution tasked with investigating and reporting on corruption, maladministration, and improper conduct in public affairs in order to promote good governance.

The Public Protector is a controversial figure in South Africa because of their controversial investigations into President Jacob Zuma. They have found that he has violated the constitution on multiple occasions and have recommended that he pay back the money he owes to state-owned enterprises.

Many people are against the public protector because they believe they are being used as a political tool by the ANC government.

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