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Avocado Farms for Sale in South Africa

Avocado Farms for Sale in South Africa



Is avocado farming profitable in South Africa?

Although high density planting is more expensive to plant and maintain, the harvests start bringing in profits after five years. But with standard density planting, the avocado farm starts being profitable after six years.

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What are the risks in avocado farming in South Africa?

Several diseases affect South African avocado fruit such as Cercospora spot, anthracnose and stem-end rot (Darvas & Kotzé, 1981; Lonsdale & Kotzé, 1989). In South Africa these diseases are controlled by pre-harvest application of high volumes of copper oxychloride fungicides (Labuschagne & Rowell, 1983).



Who is the largest avocado producer in South Africa?

Recognized as the Avocado Experts, Westfalia Fruit is a multinational organization with the largest avocado-growing footprint in the world.



How long does it take for an avocado tree to bear fruit in South Africa?

It could take up to as many as seven years, although many growers say you can start to see avocados in only three to four years.

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How much does avocado farms cost in South Africa?

  • 11 hectare small holding

Price: R 6 999 995


  • Farm For Sale In Harveston AH 

Price: R 7 995 000


  • Lodge for sale in bendigo on the south coast

Price: R 6 500 000



How can I buy avocado farms in South Africa?

Here are the websites, to purchase farm lands from:




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