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Big Farms for Sale in South Africa

Big Farms for Sale in South Africa



How much is a big farm in South Africa?

The average price for high-potential arable grain production land falls in the Western Cape are between R40 000/ ha and R50 000/ ha, Karoo grazing farms go for about R2 000/ ha, and irrigated farms go for between R150 000/ ha and R200 000/ha.

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Which is the largest farm in South Africa?

The biggest farm in South Africa is the Vaalharts Irrigation Scheme in Gauteng province. It covers an area of 1.5 million hectares and produces maize and wheat for export to countries like Egypt and Nigeria.


How big is an acre in South Africa?

Units of area

Sq meters hectares Cape Sq feet
10,000 1 100871.91
1 acre=10 sq chains=4 roods 1 rood= 40 perches=10890 sq feet 1sq mile=2.58999km² 1 acre=100sq meters 100 acres=1 hectare


How much does 1 acre cost in South Africa?

In South Africa, depending on the location, size, and other aspects, the price to purchase a plot of land in South Africa could vary. One acre of arable land typically costs between R40,000 and R50,000

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How much does hectares of farm land cost in South Africa?

Here are some hectares of farm land and their respective in South Africa:

  • 7 ha Farm in Roodeplaat

Price: R 2 950 000


  • 5 ha Smallholding in Boschkop

Price:  R 8 500 000


  • 8 m² Farm in Bela-Bela (Warmbaths)

Price: R 1 470 000



How can I buy hectares of farm land in South Africa Online?

You can purchase hectares of farm land in South Africa, by visiting the websites below and make an order:


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