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Boland College Caledon

Boland College Caledon

Boland College Paarl
Boland College Paarl

Boland College Caledon Campus is situated in the charming town of Caledon – the capital of the Overberg. This town is known for its hot water springs, beautiful indigenous Cape Floral Fynbos plants and captivating fields of Canola flowers.

Vision of Boland College Paarl

To be a Preferred and Inclusive Provider: The vision is focused on being a top choice for post-school education and training, aiming to meet the diverse needs of the community it serves.

Fulfilling Various Societal Goals: The college aims to address economic, social, technological, and environmental objectives, contributing positively to the society’s overall development.

Caledon Campus

For general enquiries:

t: 021 741 3002


34°20’26.66″ S 19°1’8.74″ E

P.O. Box 640, Caledon, 7230

Map & Directions

Mission Statement

Responding to Training and Development Needs: Boland College Paarl is committed to addressing the educational needs of the wider Boland region.

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Enhancing Employability: By providing quality vocational and occupational education and training, the college seeks to improve the employability of its students.

Quality Policy

Commitment to Quality Improvement: Boland College maintains a strong focus on enhancing the quality of its services, products, and environment.

Customer Satisfaction and High Standards: The college aims to exceed customer expectations and achieve excellence in all services.

Compliance with ISO 9001:2008: This demonstrates a commitment to international standards of quality management.

Setting and Reviewing Objectives: The college actively engages in benchmarking and objective setting to measure and improve its policies and procedures.

Staff Training: Ensuring that staff are well-trained is key to implementing these quality policies.

Paarl Campus Overview

  • Divided into Two Sites: The campus has the Paarlberg site and the Drakenstein site, each with its unique setting and ambiance.
  • Programs Offered: The campus provides a range of programs including Civil Engineering & Building Construction, Economic Management Sciences, Engineering & Related Design, Engineering Studies, Hospitality & Tourism, Information Technology & Agriculture, Office Management Sciences, Safety and Security, and Social Sciences.

General Enquiries

  • Contact Information: For queries, you can reach out at telephone numbers 021 872 3323 / 3156, fax at 021 872 5944, or email at
  • Address: The college can be contacted via mail at Private Bag x3027, Paarl, 7620.
  • Campus Manager: Iwan Hartman is the Campus Manager, overseeing the operations and academic activities.
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  • Paarlberg Site Coordinates: 33°43’32.60″ S, 18°58’2.44″ E
  • Drakenstein Site Coordinates: 33°43’34.62″ S, 18°58’20.91″ E
  • Access and Directions: The campus provides a map and directions for easy access and navigation.

Boland College Paarl Campus is thus well-equipped to offer a comprehensive educational experience, combining quality training with a supportive and enriching environment.

Economic & Management Sciences

Human Resource Management: Available in Caledon, Paarl, Worcester

Financial Management: Available in Paarl, Stellenbosch

Marketing Management: Available in Paarl, Stellenbosch, Worcester

Business Management: Available in Paarl, Stellenbosch, Strand, Worcester

Public Management: Available across all campuses

Engineering Studies

Electrical Engineering Studies (N4–N6): Available in Paarl, Stellenbosch

Electrical Infrastructure Construction (Vocational L2–L4): Available in Paarl

Civil Engineering & Building Construction (Vocational L2–L4): Available in Paarl

Engineering & Related Design (Vocational L2–L4): Available in Worcester

Hospitality & Tourism

Tourism (N4–N6): Available in Caledon, Paarl

Hospitality & Catering Services (N4–N6): Available in Paarl, Stellenbosch

Information Technology & Agriculture

Farming Management and Mechanisation (N4–N6): Available in Stellenbosch

IT & Computer Science (Vocational L2–L4): Available in Paarl

Programming & Robotics (Vocational L2–L4): Available in Paarl, Stellenbosch

Office Management Sciences

Management Assistant (N4–N6): Available across all campuses

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Medical Secretary (N4–N6): Available across all campuses

Legal Secretary (N4–N6): Available in Caledon, Paarl

Office Administration (Vocational L2–L4): Available across all campuses

Social Sciences

Education & Development (Vocational L2–L4): Available in Paarl, Stellenbosch

Safety & Security (Vocational L2–L4): Available in Caledon, Stellenbosch, Worcester

Pre-Vocational Learning Programme (PLP)

Pre-vocational Learning Programme: Available across all campuses

These programs are subject to student numbers and availability. It is advisable to contact the respective campuses directly for more information on the current available programs.

In 1998, the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) transformed the 15 existing colleges at the time into six mega Further Education and Training (FET) Colleges as part of its transformation policy for technical colleges in the Western Cape. Further Education and Training colleges have since been renamed as Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges, under the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). Three of these colleges are based in the Cape Metropole and three are rural.

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