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Can I Get a Copy of My ID in South Africa?

The Requirement to Get a Copy of My ID in South Africa



How can I Get a Copy of My ID in South Africa?

This service is rendered by the Department of Home Affairs. Information on how to apply for an identity document is available on the Services section of this website in all South African official languages. You can also apply for your ID using the online service at

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How can I check my South African ID online?

You will be required to send the 13-digit RSA ID number with our keyword(IDNO) to 38021.
After sending the ID number to 38021, you will receive the following information back:

  1. Validity of ID number.
  2. Registered Names.
  3. Registered Surname.
  4. Gender (Male or Female)
  5. Age and date of birth.
  6. Citizenship (South African or Foreign)



Can I get a copy of my ID at Home Affairs?

You can apply for a replacement by:

In the event you lose, damage or have your ID book stolen, you may request a Temporary Identification Certificate (TIC). This can be done at any office of the Department of Home Affairs and is subject to the verification of your fingerprints.

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