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2024-2025 CPUT Online Registration

 CPUT Online Registration 2024-2025

All the specific details on the details of registration and the final dates are contained in a booklet. There are certain dates you ought to bear in mind. This may also be the time to ask how much is CPUT registration fee? If any. The registration dates are:

  • Undergraduate registration time frames may vary including for the BTech programmes. It is advisable therefore to call the school and inquire on the specifics.
  • For Postgraduate registration, including MTech/ Masters/ MEd and DTech/ Doctoral/ DEd programmes, the closing dates are as follows:
  1. First time registration for full program Masters and Doctoral programs, the closing date is 31 May
  2. Full research returning students for Masters and Doctoral programs must register by 01 March
  3. M-Tech or Masters course based programs must register by 01 March.
  • First-year- first-time applicants started their registration by 14 January while those returning started registration for certain programs as early as 7th January.

Registration Guide

Now that you know the CPUT registration dates 2024-2025 details, you need to understand that it is expected that all students should register online unless specified in the details of your registration schedule. Take note of the fact that international students must register on campus and must be present for clearance at the campus before proceeding for registration. Other students must register online before the on-campus support dates are released. Take note that the online registration can only happen if your computer has certain specifications which include: Internet Explorer 7 or higher, with Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 or higher. In case you have issues, visit any of the dedicated computer laboratories set aside for registration at CPUT. Take note of the specified CPUT registration 2024-2025 closing date for each program if you are to register in time.

CPUT online application 2024-2025 undergraduate

Before you can even get to the registration stage, you must have applied to study at any of the campuses at CPUT. So how do you apply? The application depends on whether you are a first time application or if you are applying for a subsequent time in the sense that you already have a student number. The application process is as follows:

  1. Visit the website for further information on application. You need to choose the specifications and understand the special requirements expected of you.
  2. Gather all your documents together making reference to the details you got on the website in step one above. Get the application form here.
  3. Follow the study application guide on the website. This will help you to either complete your application online or manually.
  4. Take note that at this point your applications will be forwarded to the faculties
  5. Make payments of your application fees. An application fee of R100 is charged before any forms are released. You should attach the proof of payment. The late application fee is R150 which is allowed only if the announcement is made on the website. You can choose to make the payment in cash and take it to the school’s cashier or submit a bank slip of the payment. For payment details consider:
  • Account name: Cape Peninsula University of Technology.
  • Bank name: ABSA Bank
  • Account number: 405 354 8487
  • Branch: Public Sector Cape Town
  • Branch code: 632005
  • Reference: ID number or Student number, Surname and Initials
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or alternatively

  • Account name: Cape Peninsula University of Technology
  • Bank: ABSA Bank
  • Account number: 012 0266 0521
  • Branch: Bellville
  • Branch code: 632005
  • Swift code (payment outside SA): ABSA ZA JJ
  • Reference: Passport number or Student number, Surname and Initials

6. Send the CPUT application form 2024-2025 and documents manually. This is applicable for applications only.

7. Follow up and find out more about your admission status.

CPUT online application form 2024-2025

Applications are done online. There are a few exceptions of categories of people that are allowed to apply manually including:

  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) candidates
  • Non-South African Citizens (International applicants)
  • Non-South African School Leaving Types applications
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To access the application form you can choose to download it and use the physical form at home. Alternatively, you can also collect the form at any of the registration and application offices at CPUT campuses.

Tracking your CPUT application status

It’s one thing to apply and another to gain admission. Make a point of finding out whether or not your application was successful. To do this;

  • You can choose to make a call to the School

Make the call to the call center using the following details:

CPUT Call Centre

  • Tel: +27 21 959 6767
  • Tel: 086 123 2788
  • Email:
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Bellville Campus Admissions Office

  • Tel: +27 21 959 6256
  • Tel: +27 21 959 6270

District Six Campus Admissions Office

  • Tel: +27 21 460 3393
  • Tel: +27 21 460 3861

Take note of the fact that you will be required to supply our student ID or passport number before any information is divulged to you

  • Track the process online. If you choose to track the application online, you will be required to fill a form before you can access any information. This form comes with details of the following:
  1. Your ID / Passport / Asylum number, depending on what you used on the application form.
  2. Your Student Number. This can be substituted for the Id
  3. Mandatory first name


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