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Flight Attendant Salary South Africa

Flight Attendant Salary South Africa

Flight attendants in South Africa play a crucial role in the aviation industry, ensuring passenger safety, comfort, and satisfaction during flights. As of 2024-2025, the compensation landscape for this profession varies widely, reflecting different levels of experience, skill sets, and employer policies.

Salary Details and Compensation Breakdown

The average base salary for a flight attendant in South Africa is R152,460 per year. Salaries typically range from R16,000 at the entry-level (10th percentile) to R292,000 at the senior level (90th percentile), highlighting the potential for substantial income growth within this career path.

In addition to the base salary, flight attendants may receive:

  • Bonuses: Ranging from R5,000 to R199,000.
  • Profit Sharing: Between R1,000 and R58,000.
  • Commission: Up to R15,000.

When combined, the total annual pay for flight attendants can reach from R41,000 to R396,000, based on data from 74 salary profiles updated last on April 14, 2024.

Experience Levels and Corresponding Pay

Compensation varies significantly with experience:

  • Entry-Level (Less than 1 year): Average total compensation of R137,192.
  • Early Career (1-4 years): Typically earns around R167,255.
  • Mid Career (5-9 years): Average compensation of R160,000.
  • Late Career (10-19 years): Generally sees an average of R183,000.

These figures demonstrate how experience not only enhances a flight attendant’s skill set but also their earning potential.

Skills Impacting Salaries

Specific skills have a notable impact on flight attendant salaries:

  • Safety Training: Average salary of R143,797.
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR): Around R100,000.
  • Customer Service: Also at R143,797.

These skills reflect the dual focus on safety and customer service essential to the role of a flight attendant.

Employment Sector and Major Airlines

Major airlines in South Africa offer varying salary ranges for flight attendants:

  • Mango Airlines: Average salary is R177,000.
  • South African Airways (SAA): Higher average pay of R245,659.
  • Airlink: Around R148,086.
  • Safair: Offers about R192,000.

These airlines are key employers in the industry, and their compensation packages reflect their market positioning and operational scale.

Additional Insights and Benefits

Flight attendants also receive a range of benefits:

  • Medical: Available to 56% of flight attendants.
  • Dental: 11% coverage.
  • Vision: 6% have access.

Despite the significant role of flight attendants, 39% do not receive any of these health benefits, highlighting disparities within the industry. The gender breakdown is also notable, with women making up 80% of the workforce, which is reflective of global trends in the profession.


The role of a flight attendant in South Africa offers a promising career path with diverse earning potentials and benefits, depending on various factors including the employer, experience level, and specific job-related skills. As the aviation industry continues to evolve, the demand for skilled and dedicated flight attendants is likely to remain robust, underpinning the importance of this profession in global and local travel.

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