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Global Emergency Technologies

Global Emergency Technologies

Global Emergency Technologies
Global Emergency Technologies

Global Emergency Technologies is a private company, established in 1995, with a dedicated mission in the field of emergency and disaster management. Here’s an overview of the company and its services:

Company Profile

Established: 1995

Mission: To provide specialized training and consultation services for managing and coping with various types of emergencies and disasters.

Services Offered

Main Focus: Training and consultation in emergency and disaster management.

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Target Audience: Likely tailored for healthcare professionals, emergency response teams, and organizations requiring emergency preparedness.

Associated Healthcare Providers

Linky’s Medical Linen (Villieria, Pretoria, Gauteng): Supplies medical linen, hospital linen, lab coats, medical scrubs, etc.

J N Medical (Blairgowrie, Randburg, Gauteng): Offers medical supplies including consumables, disposables, patient monitors, scales, etc.

Global Emergency Technology cc

Category: Medical Suppliers

Note: Information is currently being updated and may not be fully verified at this point.

Contact Details

Telephone: +27 12 546 0750

Address: 260 Burger Street, Pretoria North, 0182

Location: Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Global Emergency Technologies appears to be a key player in providing essential training and resources for effective emergency response and management. This service is crucial for organizations and individuals in the healthcare and emergency response sectors.

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