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How Much Do Braces Cost For Adults In South Africa

In South Africa, how much do braces cost?

Depending on the type of braces you require and the clinic you select, braces for adults in South Africa vary in price. Depending on how many teeth need to be treated at once, braces can cost anywhere between R14 500 to R45 000 on average.

It’s crucial that the dentist knows how much money they can expect from each patient before beginning treatment if you’ve never been to the dentist before. By doing this, they will be able to prepare ahead of time and ensure that there will be sufficient cash for your treatment plan (and appointments).


South Africa’s average price for braces

Braces for your teeth typically cost R7100 in South Africa. All treatment-related expenses as well as any potential additional services costs are included here.

In Cape Town, the average cost of braces is R8000, but this amount can vary significantly depending on where you live and the kind of treatment you select. Invisalign or conventional metal brackets and wires will have a different price depending on your choice. Expect to pay twice as much as you would if just one type of treatment were used if you decide to have Invisalign and metal brackets installed at the same time.

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In Durban, the average cost of a full set of orthodontic work is R8500, and in East London, the average cost of an appointment is R8500. However, these prices can vary significantly depending on the facility a patient chooses. An skilled dentist in Pretoria who specializes in orthodontics should expect to charge their patients roughly R9000 each visit (and potentially some extra costs depending on what kind

How much do braces for adults cost in South Africa?

The price of braces might vary depending on your location, the length of time you must wear them, and the number of aligners required.

Braces typically cost roughly R17 000 ($1 400) in South Africa. Through their own health plan, some persons may be qualified for medical aid coverage. While this may help with some of the costs associated with receiving braces at a clinic or orthodontist’s office, it would not cover all expenses like travel fees or housing costs during treatment visits, if necessary.

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Adult patients often receive treatment for between R14 500 and R45 000.

In South Africa, braces typically cost between R14 500 and R45 000. You can ask your dentist for a quote or search online for prices. Additionally, you can compare the costs charged by several dentists to find the one that best meets your needs.

Although getting braces is not cheap, you can look into medical insurance to help with the cost.

Although getting braces is not cheap, you can look into medical insurance to help with the cost. There are dental schools that provide students with student discounts, interest-free payments, and economical payment options in addition to free braces.


Braces for adults are not inexpensive. There are ways to obtain them, though, including partially for free. The most popular choice is to apply for medical aid, in which case the government will cover some of the cost of your medical care. Finding a private dentist ready to work on your teeth without charging you extra would be a different option. In this manner, you won’t have to be concerned about paying anything extra while receiving their care beyond what they charge each hour!

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