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How to Apply for State Pension in South Africa

What you must do

Bring the following items to the nearest South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) office: …

Complete the application form in the presence of the SASSA officer (notice that the application form may only be completed by you as the applicant or an SASSA official)….

A receipt will be issued to you.


Who is eligible for a state pension in South Africa?

To be eligible for this South African pension, you must earn less than R78,120 per year (or R156,240 if you live with a spouse) and have assets worth no more than R1,115,400 (or no more than R2,230,800 if living with a spouse).

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What documentation is required to apply for a Sassa pension?

You can apply for the old age grant by filling out an application form and bringing the following information with you to your local SASSA office:

Your official identification (ID)….

Evidence of your marital status (if applicable).

Address verification

Proof of your earnings and/or dividends


In South Africa, what age may you apply for a pension?

Both men and women can retire at the age of 60. Individuals must have an income of less than ZAR 73 800 for singles and ZAR 147 600 for couples, as well as no more than ZAR 1 056 000 in assets for a single person and ZAR 2 112 000 for a pair, to qualify for the pension.

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How long does it take to have an SASSA application approved?

Payment might take up to 7 days after the application has been granted. However, SASSA has said that there is no definite payment date for the funding.















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