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How to Become An Organ Donor in South Africa

How to Become An Organ Donor in South Africa

How to Become An Organ Donor in South Africa
How to Become An Organ Donor in South Africa

What is Organ donation?

Organ donation is a medical procedure in which one person donates an organ or tissue to another who requires a transplant.

People who require an organ or tissue transplant are usually very sick or dying as a result of one or more organ failures. One organ donor can save up to seven lives and change the lives of over fifty people. As an organ donor, you can save the life of someone who has a life-threatening disease or has been in a serious accident.

Who is eligible to be an organ/tissue donor?

You can become a donor if you meet the following criteria

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You are under the age of 70.

You’re in great shape, and

if you don’t have any pre-existing chronic diseases that could lead to additional health complications for the recipient (s)

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Is it possible for me to donate an organ or tissue while I am still alive?

In some instances, yes. Live donations, such as kidney transplants, are frequently performed among family members because the blood groups and tissue types are more compatible, ensuring a high success rate.

What organs are transplantable?

Your heart, liver, and pancreas can save three people’s lives, while your kidneys and lungs can help up to four people.

Do Organ Donors get paid?

The Union Health Ministry has recommended that state health departments offer “cash rewards” for organ donation, which has made headlines. According to the recommendations, the donor’s family will receive anywhere between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 5 lakh per year for the next five years, while the organ retrieving hospital will receive Rs 50,000

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