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How to Get Taxi Permit in South Africa

The public transportation system includes a variety of types of transportation, one of which is the taxi operating business. As a result, anybody who want to work in it must get permissions.

A taxi permit is required for taxi drivers to operate on South African roadways and transport passengers. All taxi operators are required to obtain a permit under the National Land Traffic Act 5 of 2009, but how much does it cost?


South African taxi license

In order to operate a cab in South Africa, you must first obtain a taxi permit. Minibus taxi drivers are well-known for providing public transportation for those without their own vehicles.

Many people use minibus taxis to commute on a daily basis, thus drivers must have a permission to carry people, which can only be obtained for a charge.


What is the cost of a taxi permit in South Africa?

As previously stated, you cannot operate a cab and transport people unless you have a valid taxi permit. This is required by law, and taxi permits cost R300.

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Taxi licenses enable drivers to operate or own a taxi. It is provided by local legislation and regulation and is applicable to taxi cabs, taxi operators, taxi owners, and taxi stands. Once issued, the permit is valid for up to seven years.


To apply for their taxi licences with the required papers, new taxi operators must first register as new public transportation service providers.


Individuals or firms seeking to run buses, tourist vehicles, charters, shuttle services, metered taxi services, scholars, and staff services must also obtain a permit. Permits are also available for cross-border operations with neighboring countries.


What documents are required to register as a new public transportation service provider?

As a new public service provider, you must register with the Department of Roads and Transport and present the necessary documentation.

You will require a copy of your company’s ID or identification document, a copy of your SARS tax clearance, proof of address, and the vehicle’s certificate of fitness (s).

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You will also require a car registration certificate (s). This will allow you to apply for permits successfully.


How to apply for an operating licence

To apply for your operating licence, fill out Form 1B and submit it along with the necessary papers, such as your certified ID document or company registration certificate, and recommendation letters from the relevant association or organization from which you intend to operate (e.g. from Association for mini-bus).


If you are a contractual service, you will additionally require an original tax clearance certificate and a valid contract. Finally, define the sort of vehicle you will use and provide a full description of the routes you will take.


How do unlawful operators cause havoc in the industry and the government?

Illegal operators desire to operate without permits, which is harmful to both the sector and the government.

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Because entry into the market is not adequately regulated, illegal operators dilute the revenue base by complicating supply. Illegal operators instigate strife among them.


They compound the industry’s safety profile even more because they are more likely to use unlawful and unsafe practices to gain clients and generate revenues, such as driving without a driver’s license or Professional Driving Permits (PrDPs). They essentially spread criminality.


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