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MBA South Africa
Study MBA in South Africa

Kernbridge FET College

Kernbridge FET College

Contact Information:

362 Borage Ave, Annlin
Pretoria, South Africa, 0182

+27 76 376 8546

Empower Yourself with Critical Skills at Kernbridge FET College

First Aid Training
Delve into our comprehensive courses at Kernbridge FET College that blend vital theoretical knowledge with hands-on skills, empowering you to effectively handle emergencies with confidence and expertise.

Paramedic Training
Discover our diverse range of paramedic courses, each one crafted from our rich wellspring of experience and insight, designed to prepare you for the demands of emergency medical care.

Firefighting Expertise
Gain invaluable firefighting knowledge and skills that equip you to make informed and decisive actions when it matters most, safeguarding lives and properties during critical moments.

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Comprehensive Emergency Preparedness
Kernbridge FET College is your go-to institution for specialized training in emergency preparedness, offering extensive programs in emergency evacuation, firefighting, and first aid.

Occupational Health & Safety Training
We understand that the heart of any business’s long-term success lies in a robust occupational health and safety culture. Our training programs are tailored to embed safety and well-being into the fabric of your professional environment.

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