List of Project Management Courses at UNISA

By | June 29, 2019

List of Project Management Courses at UNISA

Are you looking for Project Management Courses at Unisa? We’ve got the information you need right here on this page. You can have a look at the short learning programmes (Sorry, Unisa has no diplomas or degrees in project management) which Unisa has on offer.

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Unisa Short Learning Programmes (SLP)

Unisa does not offer any formal qualifications such as diplomas or degrees in Project Management. They offer short learning programmes which are designed to help you gain a grasp of project management principles in a short amount of time.

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Here are the Unisa Project Management Courses: 2019 – 2020

Course in Basics of Project Management

This course is targeted at anyone who is currently employed and might just be working in, or who are seeking to do any work similar to Project Management.

How Long Is This Course?

It will take you six months to complete.

Which faculty offers this course?

The Centre for Business Management has this course on offer.


Programme in Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Project Management

To put it simply, this course is targeted at anyone who would like to study project management. This course can be really useful to those who are employed in a Project related type position. It can also be of use to those who would like to gain knowledge of project management and use it in their daily lives.

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How long is this course?

12 Months