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MBA South Africa
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Mpumalanga University Of Agriculture

Mpumalanga University Of Agriculture

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
BSc (Agric)

Click here to download fees for Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
(This qualification has been accredited and is awaiting registration with SAQA)

A four-year full time programme offered at the Mbombela Campus.

NQF level 8

The qualification aims to train and equip agricultural scientists and researchers with the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to conduct fundamental and applied technical agricultural research (across the whole value chain) that will contribute to increasing productivity and profitability and contribute to building the capacity of farmers to innovate and to engage in market-orientated sustainable agricultural production, diversification of products and value adding.

The curriculum is structured across five learning areas: foundational science, agricultural production science, agricultural business, natural resource management, and agricultural extension (with an emphasis on innovation). Each of these provides grounding in areas critical to sustainable agricultural production within a systems framework.

In the first year, students will take a fixed curriculum in which students take a full year of biology, and semester long courses in environmental science and systems, South African agriculture, science for sustainable agriculture, chemistry, end user computing, and numerical and academic literacy.

In second and third year, students take 3 core modules per semester and then pick an elective from Ecology, Environmental Science, Water Management, Entomology or Agricultural Extension.

In fourth year, students will chose between an agricultural science stream and an agricultural business stream.

Access To The Qualification:

• Minimum NSC requirements for degree entry must be met;
• Admissions Point Score of 32;
• English (Home Language or First Additional Language) on at least a level 4 (50-59%);
• Mathematics level 4
• Two of Physical, Life, Agricultural Sciences of Geography at level 4

Students with Mathematical Literacy at level 6 or better will be considered but may need to take a supporting mathematics module.

It is assumed that students will be numerate with a reasonable ability to communicate in the language of teaching and learning (English).






The University will offer additional programmes in 2016. The following will be offered
( subject to approval by the Department of Higher Education and Training ) :

1. Bachelor of Commerce in Development Studies
2. Bachelor of Science
3. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
4. Advanced Diploma in Agriculture
5. Diploma in Conservation
6. Diploma in Tourism and Heritage Studies.
In 2015, the university offers the following programmes:

Programmes Minimum duration
Diploma in Agriculture in Plant Production 3 years
Diploma in Hospitality Management 3 years
Diploma in Information Communication Technology
in Applications Development
3 years
Bachelor of Agriculture in Agricultural
Extension and Rural Resource Development
3 years
Bachelor of Education in Foundation
Phase Teaching
4 years

The minimum duration is the number of years after completion of the prerequisite programme or the number of years after first registration for the programme.

The Diplomas and Degrees are described individually in this brochure but they share some common admissions requirements, which are presented below.

For all Degrees and Diplomas, the following admission requirements apply.

a) For all Diplomas and Degrees, applicants are required to have a National Senior Certificate (NSC) or IEB school leaving certificate as certified by Umalusi, or if Grade 12 was completed before 2008, a Grade 12 Certificate with University exemption, or a National Certificate (Vocational) level 4 (NC(V) level 4) issued by the Council for General and Further Education and Training.

b) For the NSC, of the seven subjects the four compulsory subjects include Life Orientation and EITHER Mathematics OR Mathematical Literacy, and two languages, ONE OF WHICH MUST BE ENGLISH. The remaining three subjects are chosen by the student, and DIFFERENT SUBJECTS ARE REQUIRED OR RECOMMENDED FOR THE DIFFERENT DIPLOMAS AND DEGREES (see below).

c) For the NCV level 4, the fundamental subjects must include English and the four vocational subjects must be chosen from the NCV level 4 subjects that are similar to the Diploma for which application is being made.

Note, the minimum statutory entrance requirements do not guarantee a prospective student admission to the programmes.

d) Admission is based on both the subjects taken and the level of pass achieved and, for the NSC, this is used to calculate the ADMISSION POINTS SCORE (APS).

e) Preliminary admission is based on the results obtained in the final Grade 11 examination.

f) Final admission is based on the final Grade 12 results and a valid NSC or NCV level 4 with admission for Diploma or Degree purposes, or equivalent qualification.

The APS for the NSC is calculated as follows:

APS 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Level of pass 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Percentage (%) 80 – 100% 70 – 79% 60 – 69% 50 – 59% 40 – 49% 30 – 39% 0 – 29%

The APS is calculated by adding the score for each of the subjects. For Life Orientation, the APS is divided by two as in the example below. Note that the optional subjects will differ between the Degrees and Diplomas. If an applicant has included more than the minimum of three electives in his/her NSC, the four compulsory subjects and the best three optional subjects are used to calculate the APS.

An example of how to calculate the APS for the NSC

Subject Subject Final result Level APS
Compulsory Subject Home Language 50% 4 4
Compulsory Subject Additional Language 55% 4 4
Compulsory Subject Life Orientation 60% 5 2.5
Compulsory Subject Mathematics OR Mathematical Literacy 52% 4 4
Optional Subject Life Science 51% 4 4
Optional Subject Accounting 55% 4 4
Optional Subject Agricultural Science 58% 4 4

One of these languages must be English, which is the language of teaching & learning at the University.

What documentation must accompany the application?

You will need to provide certified copies of:

  • Final Grade 12 results (if available).
  • Grade 11 results (if currently doing grade 12).
  • A copy of your South African ID document OR passport for International students.
  • Academic record and Certificate of Conduct if previously enrolled at another university.


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