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How Much Is UNISA Registration Fee 2024-2025

How Much Is UNISA Registration Fee 2024-2025

Unisa’s study fees are competitively priced compared to other higher education institutions. However, the financial commitment remains substantial. The fee structure is based on the chosen qualification and the number of modules enrolled in each year.

Estimated Module Costs:

  • Most students enroll in about 4 to 6 modules annually.
  • The cost per module ranges approximately between R1,815.00 and R7,550.00.
  • These figures are subject to change and do not include prescribed textbooks.
  • Remember, textbooks are an additional expense that should be included in your total cost estimation.
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Application Fee:

  • Unisa charges a non-refundable application fee.
  • This fee applies regardless of whether you eventually enroll at Unisa or qualify for admission.
  • Note: Unisa does not accept cash or cheque payments at its offices.

Funding Options – Bursaries and Loans:

  • Unisa’s Division of Student Funding (DSF) manages donor funds available as bursaries and loans to Unisa students.
  • The criteria for these financial aids are set by the respective donors.
  • Application forms and further information are accessible at Unisa’s Student Funding webpage:

Conclusion: Investing in your education at Unisa requires careful financial planning. While the institution offers relatively affordable fees, the overall costs, including textbooks, need consideration. Additionally, explore funding opportunities through Unisa’s bursaries and loans to ease the financial burden.

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