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NWU How to Apply Online | North-West University

NWU How to Apply Online | North-West University

How to apply online

Step 1
If you do not have a student number yet, start by clicking on the link “Create new student number”.

Please note that the allocation of a student number does not mean that you have completed the application process, please go through all the steps below to ensure that your application is complete and has reached us. Incomplete applications will not be handled by the University.

If you do already have a student number, go to Step 2

Step 2
When you receive your student number together with your pin number you created, click on the link “New application” to create your application.

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Step 3
Now complete the sections.

Use the “Calendar link” to obtain more information about the qualifications, modes of delivery and curricula.

Step 4
Please make sure that you press the “Submit application” button when you have finished ensuring that we receive your application.

Step 5
In order to consider your application, please provide us with the following supporting proof:

Signed undertaking.

Available grade 12 marks (or of gr 11 if the gr 12 marks are not available yet).
A copy of your matric certificate – when you have already passed matric.

A copy of relevant results (International Students)

A copy of your ID or passport (international Students)

Application fee of R150 – proof of payment.
See contact details below to where the above mentioned information must be sent


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Thank you for your electronic application for admission to the University.

Please note that the allocation of a student number does not necessarily mean that you have been accepted.

To enable our final consideration of your application, kindly provide us with the following documents within 10 days:
Signed undertaking
A copy of your identity document or passport (International Students)

Available Grade 12 marks (or Grade 11 marks if Grade 12 is not yet available) or relevant qualification (International Students)

Application fee of R150 proof of payment

The abovementioned documents can be sent to the Applications Office.
Any changes to your application should be communicated to us via email.

Applications Office:
Keshni Scholtz
Tel: 018 389 2272
Fax: 018 389 2485

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