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MBA South Africa
Study MBA in South Africa

UCT MA in Political Communication

UCT MA in Political Communication

MA in Political Communication

Course Convener

Associate Prof. Musa Ndlovu

Admission requirements:

(a) Faculty requirements are set out under rules FM3.

(b) Programme requirements:

  • Completion of an Honours degree or a four-year degree with a strong emphasis on Political Science, Journalism or Media


  • We will consider applications from students who have completed a degree and other postgraduate qualifications and have relevant political communication experience.

Acceptance will be on the recommendation of the Convener, working in collaboration with the programme committee, who will consider applications and may interview candidates. Normally candidates will be expected to have an upper second or better result for their honours degree.

Prescribed curriculum:

Master’s students are required to complete a minor dissertation and four taught courses of which no more than two can be at HEQSF Level 8 (4000 level). If students have already taken any of the compulsory courses, or an equivalent course elsewhere, they may be allowed to substitute another course with the permission of the convener.  In the overall choices, at least two of the courses chosen must be at the 5000 level.

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Compulsory courses

NQF credits HEQSF level
FAM4013F Political Communication [unless this has already been taken in the Honours programme] 24 8
FAM5013F Advanced Media Methodology 24 9
FAM4018S Crisis Communication in Africa 24 8
FAM4031S South African Public Rhetoric 24 8
FAM4032F Understanding Public Argumentation 24 8
POL5023S Political Behaviour and Research (Political Studies) (May not be offered in 2017) 24 9
FAM5011S Media and the Public Domain 24 9
FAM5014S Media and National Development Policy 24 9
FAM5006W Master’s Media Research Project 96 9
POL5010W Minor Dissertation (Political Studies) 96 9
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