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UKZN Humanities Requirements

UKZN Humanities Requirements

University of KwaZulu-Natal Humanities Requirements

GR5 Application to study

a)Applications to study must be made in such manner as prescribed, and must include presentation of the Matriculation Certificate where this is required.

b)An applicant who has studied at any other tertiary education institution must, in addition, present an academic record and a certificate of conduct from that institution.

GR6 Selection requirements

All applicants shall produce evidence satisfactory to the Senate of their competence to work for the qualification sought. The Senate may decline to admit as a candidate for the qualification any person whose previous academic attainments are, in its opinion, not sufficiently high to warrant such admission.

GR7 Selection for postgraduate studies

a)Graduates of any other recognised university (whether in the Republic of South Africa or elsewhere) may, for the purpose of proceeding to a postgraduate qualification of the University, be admitted by the Senate to a status in the University equivalent to that which they possess in their own university by virtue of any degree held by them.

b)An applicant who has graduated from another tertiary institution or who has in any other manner attained a level of competence which, in the opinion of the Senate, is adequate for the purpose of postgraduate studies or research, may be admitted as a student of the University.

GR8 Exemption from a module

a)Exemption from a module may be granted without credit, where an applicant can demonstrate an equivalent level of competence through prior learning.

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b)Exemption and credit for a module may be granted where an applicant has already obtained credit for an equivalent module at this or another university.

c)Credit cannot be obtained for more than one module where the contents of the modules overlap or are partially or substantially the same.

GR9 Registration

a)In order to pursue their studies in any semester, all students of the University shall complete the applicable registration procedure, thereby affirming their acceptance of the rules of the University.

b)The Council, on the recommendation of the Senate, may impose conditions for the registration of any student.

c)Except as provided for hereunder, a student shall register in consecutive semesters.

(i)On application in advance to the relevant college and with the approval of the college academic affairs board, a student’s registration may be suspended for a period of time not exceeding 2 semesters. Under exceptional circumstances, a further such suspension of 2 semesters may subsequently be applied for and approved.

(ii)The deputy vice chancellor and head of college may require that a student suspend his/her studies for a maximum of 1 semester should the student be unable to register for a valid curriculum that will allow satisfactory progress to be made towards the attainment of the qualification.

(iii)A student with a suspended registration remains subject to the rules of the University, and may return to register before or at expiry of the period of suspension. The period during which registration is suspended shall not be included in and calculation towards the minimum and maximum periods prescribed for any qualification in terms of Rule GR12, nor for the evaluation of eligibility for the award of degrees cum laude or summa cum laude in terms of Rules BR6, HR8, CR17 and MR13.

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d)Should a student fail to register for a semester:

(i)In the case of a postgraduate student who has not been granted suspension as provided for in (c) (i) or (ii) above the student must apply to the relevant college for readmission should she/he subsequently wish to return to resume studies. Such readmission shall only be approved under the conditions, rules and curricula applicable at the time of readmission and, in the case of a postgraduate research student, provided that supervisory capacity is available.

(ii)In the case of an undergraduate student, should the break in studies exceed one semester and the student has not been granted suspension as provided for in (c)(i) or

(ii)above, the student must apply to the relevant college for readmission should he/she subsequently wish to return to resume studies. Such readmission shall only be approved under the conditions, rules and curricula applicable at the time of readmission.

e)(i) A student may register as a full-time or part-time student (see definitions); such initial registration status shall persist for a minimum period of two semesters after first registration.

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(ii)part-time student may not register for more than 65% of the normal full-time credit load of coursework modules in each semester unless otherwise provided for in the College rules.

(iii)In the case of a full-time student who subsequently changes registration status to part- time, the full-time criteria for award of degree cum laude or summa cum laude shall apply;

(iv)In the case of a student who changes registration status from full-time or vice-versa,the semesters allowed for completion of the qualification will be prorated accordingly.

GR10 Payment of fees

a)Save by special permission of the Senate and the Council:

(i)An applicant shall not be registered until all relevant prescribed fees are paid;

(ii)A student shall not be entitled to admission to an examination, nor to receipt of examination results, until all relevant prescribed fees are paid.

b)A student shall not be entitled to the conferral or award of a qualification until all monies due to the University have been paid.

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