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UKZN Masters of Pharmacy (online)

UKZN Masters of Pharmacy (online)

Masters of Pharmacy (online)

The two streams within this qualification provide the competencies required for the preparation of pharmacoeconomists, clinical pharmacists and drug utilization pharmacists. The purpose of the M.Pharm is to produce competent professionals who can practice in the area of pharmacoeconomic evaluations, clinical pharmacy services and drug utilization reviews. Graduates from this programme will have economic, statistical, rational drug use and research methodology as well as scientific literature evaluation perspective on the application of the science of pharmacoeconomics and pharmacy practice.

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Pharmacoeconomics:- Focuses on economic evaluations of new pharmaceutical products are of increasing importance to countries. Pharmacists who need to involve themselves in pharmacoeconomic evaluations need to consider whether traditional randomized clinical trials provide the most appropriate setting for an economic evaluation, to the more technical question of how to handle cost-effectiveness ratio data, including the issue of the most appropriate inferential apparatus – hypothesis testing, confidence intervals or Bayesian methods.
For more information about academic issues contact Ms Varsha Bangalee
 Pharmacy Practice:-  In this stream students will realise that before relying on a published study, pharmacists should ensure that it meets criteria related to a valid study. They will explore ways of critically assessing the literature and how to conduct a sound study that can be used to support decisions in such diverse areas as individual patient treatment, formulary management, drug-use guideline development, disease management initiatives, and pharmaceutical service evaluation.
For more information about academic issues contact Professor Fatima Suleman or Mr Andy Gray
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