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UKZN Optometry Department Services Offered

UKZN Optometry Department Services Offered

Low Vision / Sub-normal Vision:

a) Assessment of provision of Low vision devices to patients whose vision cannot be improved with spectacles, contact lenses, medication or surgery.

b) Aids provided include : Magnifiers, Telemicroscopes, Microscopes, Loupe magnifiers, Mobility devices, etc.

Paedaitric Optometry / Children’s Vision:

a) Specialised techniques and tests for children including objective VA assessments, Objective refraction techniques, Perceptual skills assessment, etc.

Binocular Vision / Orthoptic Clinic:

a) Orthoptic training, eg. :

i) Anti-suppression therapy
ii) Accommodation therapy
iii) Convergence therapy
iv) Occlusion therapy, etc.

Contact Lens Assessment:

a) Keratoconic fitting
b) Soft lens fitting
c) Rigid lens fitting

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General Clinic Assessment:

a) Vision testing & Dispensing of spectacles

Visual Fields:

a) Automated Visual Field Analysis

Colour Vision Assessment:

a) Farnsworth Munsell D15 and 100 Hue

Corneal Topography:

a) Assessment of corneal curvature.


a) Intra-ocular pressures (Glaucoma screening).

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