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UNISA Early Childhood Education Course Module 2024-2025

UNISA Early Childhood Education Course Module 2024-2025

The Early Childhood Education program at UNISA offers a range of modules designed to prepare students for a career in teaching young children. Each module focuses on different aspects of early childhood education, from teaching methods to child development. Here’s a summary of the key modules:

Teaching Practice

TPF2602 – Teaching Practice for Foundation Phase II

Builds on Teaching Practice I; focuses on team teaching during a 5-week school placement.

TPG2602 – Teaching Practice II

Extends learning from Teaching Practice I; focuses on Grade R classroom practice and learner development.

TPG1501 – Teaching Practice I

Practical application of teaching principles in a Grade R class; focus on lesson planning and resource design.

Subject-Specific Modules

LSP1501 – Life Skills: Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Music, and Physical Education in Foundation Phase

Covers creative arts and physical education for young learners.

FLT3701 – First Additional Language Teaching in the Foundation Phase

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Techniques for teaching a first additional language in Foundation Phase.

LSK2601 – Life Skills: Social and Personal Development in Foundation Phase

Focus on holistic development, including health, safety, and social skills.

HLT3701 – Home Language Teaching

Methods for teaching home language effectively in the Foundation Phase.

Child Development and Mathematics

CDE3701 – Child Development (birth to 9)

Explores child development domains from birth to 9 years.

CDE2601 – Child Development in the Early Years

Focus on child development from birth to 6 years.

MFP1501 – Mathematics for Foundation Phase Teachers

Understanding mathematical concepts in the Foundation Phase.

FMT3701 – Foundation Phase Mathematics

Advanced module building on Emergent Mathematics.

Reading and Literacy

RFP2601 – Reading in the Foundation Phase English

Techniques for teaching reading in Foundation Phase English.

RFP2602 – Reading in the Foundation Phase Setswana

Teaching reading in Setswana for the Foundation Phase.

RFP2603 – Reading in the Foundation Phase Sepedi

Focus on teaching reading in Sepedi in the Foundation Phase.

RFP2604 – Reading in the Foundation Phase isiZulu

Techniques for isiZulu reading instruction in the Foundation Phase.

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Other Modules

IEG2601 – Inclusive Education for Grade R

Understanding and implementing inclusive education in Grade R.

FPT3701 – Foundation Phase Teaching

Comprehensive module on teaching methods and strategies for Foundation Phase.

RDF2601 – Resource Development in Foundation Phase

Designing educational resources for young learners.

ATH1501 – Art and Handwork

Insights into art and creative activities for pre-school children.

CLY1501 – Children’s Literature for the Early Years

Selecting and utilizing children’s literature in early childhood education.

EMA1501 – Emergent Mathematics

Teaching mathematics through play in Grade R.

EML1501 – Emergent Literacy

Focusing on early literacy skills and language development.

GRL1501 – Gr R Life Skills: Movement and Creative Activities

Developing physical and creative skills in young children.

GRT1501 – Introduction to Grade R Teaching

Overview of teaching in the reception year.

Each module is tailored to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively teach and nurture young children in the foundational years of their education. The program emphasizes a blend of theory and practical experience, preparing graduates for a fulfilling career in early childhood education.

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