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UNISA Short Course in Care for the Caregiver

UNISA Short Course in Care for the Caregiver

University of South Africa Short Course in Care for the Caregiver

“Care for the Caregiver” Module: Nurturing the Nurturers Through Distance Learning

Embark on a six-month transformative journey of self-care specifically curated for those who dedicate their lives to caring for others. Guided by the esteemed Mrs. Patricia Oosthuizen, this course fosters personal growth and self-awareness for caregivers across the spectrum.

Context & Philosophy

Are caregivers sculpted by nature or nurture? Regardless of the origin of one’s caregiving qualities, it is common for caregivers to prioritize others so intensely that their own needs become obscured. When feelings of depletion and resentment surface, it becomes evident that the ingrained patterns of self-neglect need addressing. This course is rooted in the belief that understanding both the conscious and subconscious motivations for caregiving enhances one’s ability to care for oneself. Through this distance learning module, we aim to enrich your self-reflection, revealing the intricate interplay between your caregiving approach and personal well-being.

Objectives of the Course

The goal of this course is fourfold:

  1. Amplify awareness of the intrinsic motivations driving the care for others.
  2. Deepen understanding of the forces that both bolster and hinder self-care.
  3. Expand the appreciation of factors influencing self-care behaviors.
  4. Inspire a shift from self-defeating habits to more positive and affirming practices.

Who Will Benefit?

This course is open to a diverse range of participants, from professionals like nurses, social workers, and educators, to volunteers and family caregivers, embodying a nurturing role in any capacity.

Admission & Course Prerequisites

The module welcomes participants without specific prerequisites, but you should be:

  • Comfortable with learning from written material.
  • Capable of presenting coherent arguments independently.
  • Self-driven regarding your own educational progress.
  • Open to engaging in professional experiential learning.

Curriculum Overview

This workbook-style study guide navigates through:

  • The philosophy and essential need for self-care.
  • Theoretical perspectives on self-care from various disciplines.
  • Self-reflection exercises tailored to awaken the healer within.
  • Motivational insights and identification of self-care obstacles.
  • Comprehensive exploration of physical, mental, emotional, professional, and spiritual self-care dynamics.

Evaluation and Examination

Participants will submit assignments and compile a portfolio to demonstrate integrated learning.

Registration Details

Offered biannually, register by February 28 for the first semester or by July 31 for the second. Early registration grants more time for material exploration.


Successful completion awards a Unisa Certificate in Care for the Caregiver, recognized for its insightful reflection into the dynamics of self and other-care. Accredited CPD points include 30 by SACSSP and a pending application for 24 points (including 6 ethical points) with HPCSA.


The course fee is R3,500, payable upon registration.

Payment Methods

  • Cash: At Unisa Muckleneuk Campus, with proof of payment submitted to the Centre Manager.
  • Cheque/Postal Order: Made out to the University of South Africa and delivered with the registration form.
  • Credit Card: Visa and Mastercard accepted; details faxed with the registration form.
  • Bank Deposit/Electronic Transfer: Deposit into Unisa’s bank account with details faxed along with the registration form.

Accommodation & Travel

Costs are the responsibility of the participant. A list of accommodations is available upon request.

Begin your path to becoming a self-aware, rejuvenated caregiver today.

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