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University of Cape Town UCT MBA Learning Approach

University of Cape Town UCT MBA Learning Approach

The GSB’s approach to learning is to encourage participants to question and debate the material that is offered to them and to apply it to real-life situations.

One  important facet of the GSB’s approach to learning is the immersion process. The integrated campus of the GSB, with its sophisticated learning environment and on-site accommodation and hospitality facilities, allows students to spend every day in an intense atmosphere of study, debate and camaraderie.

Students are provided with relevant learning materials before the course starts along with a detailed course outline and schedule of readings and cases. Additionally, they are given access to a web-linked publications database and “Vula,” UCT’s tailor-made e-learning platform.

The material is studied in three distinct stages:

Private Preparation
Before arrival at the GSB, and during late evenings and early mornings throughout the programme, students are expected to read all prescribed material in order to grasp and evaluate the workplace experience.

Syndicate Groups
Students then meet with their syndicate group, where the readings and cases are discussed. This consolidates and enhances students’ understanding through discussion with equally experienced colleagues.

Plenary Sessions
Plenary sessions are held in a “lecture theatre,” although the process cannot be viewed as a traditional lecture. Lecturers provide focused inputs, but also invite questions and discussion, and here the student is regarded as an expert as well. The level of debate is high, and there is no room for didactic “teachers” and infallible gurus. Instructors are there to be challenged and critical faculties are honed in on in an electric atmosphere where the sharing of ideas, experiences and knowledge is encouraged.

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