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University of Fort Hare Banking Details

University of Fort Hare Banking Details


Bank:     Standard Bank
Branch Code:     05 01 19
Account Name:University of Fort Hare
Account Number:            28 210 1357
Reference:         Applicant’s full name

Tuition Fees payable to the Institution

University of Fort Hare Banking Details, At the time of registering, students undertake to pay all fees due on time and in terms of the rules of the University. Failure to do so will result in the above sanctions being applied. Students are advised to familiarize themselves with the ‘FEES PAYABLE TO THE UNIVERSITY’ section of the University General Prospectus.

2.1.3       Minimum Initial Payment (MIP) 

Before any student is permitted to register at the University, the University requires such a student to effect a Minimum Initial Payment (MIP) of R2500,00 by no later than 3 days (72 hours) prior to registration. This amount will be credited to the student account.

Students failing to have a minimum credit balance of R2500.00 in their student account will not be permitted to register. Students applying for a place in a University residence are also required to pay an amount of R600.00 as payment towards residence fees for the year. This amount is payable before the 31st December 2012 in order to secure a place in residence. Should a student not be allocated a place in residence this amount will be allocated to tuition fees or refunded to the student should he/she not register.

2.1.4       Bursary/Student Loans/NSFAS

 All students who have been allocated a student bursary/NSFAS loan for the 2012 academic year must produce a copy of the Bursars letter to the Student Fees Section within 3 days (72 hours) in order to enable clearing of the relevant account and enable registration.
Students are advised that the amount received from NSFAS will not cover all costs related to studies and should therefore not rely on these funds to settle their obligations to the University. Final NSFAS allocations are made in June/July each year and the responsibility to settle debt remains that of the student.
NSFAS students are invited to collect their Loan Agreement Forms at the ABC hall in East London and at the Financial Aid Bureau in Alice, together with a copy of their fee statement received at the Sports Complex.

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