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University of Johannesburg UJ Bridging Courses 2024-2025

University of Johannesburg UJ Bridging Courses 2024-2025

UJ Bridging Courses 2024-2025 Overview

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) recognizes the need for bridging courses, designed for candidates who might not meet the entry prerequisites for certain programs. These courses, often referred to as Extended Degrees, incorporate a year of foundation studies to better equip students.

Featured Bridging Courses at UJ for 2024-2025

1. Foundation Programmes:

  • Spanning a year, these courses cover areas such as Engineering, Health Sciences, Humanities, and Natural Sciences. Their primary aim is to prepare students with foundational knowledge for their main degree courses.
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2. Extended Programmes:

  • These are structured over four years, which includes a foundational year. Offered across multiple disciplines, they cater to students who may not meet the direct entry criteria for their preferred courses.

3. Access Programmes:

  • These short courses are tailored to arm students with both academic and personal skills crucial for university-level studies.

4. English Language Proficiency Courses:

  • Designed for non-native speakers or international students, these courses aim to enhance English language capabilities to meet UJ’s academic requirements.

Highlighted UJ Bridging Courses:

Bridging Programme in Economics:

  • This year-long program provides a pathway to an Honours Degree in Economics. Interested candidates should apply online via the UJ website.

Extended BCom (Economics and Econometrics):

  • Prospective students need a National Senior Certificate (NSC) and an achievement rating in certain subjects. Additional criteria can be found in official notices.
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Advanced Diploma in Economics:

  • Entry prerequisites include a Diploma or equivalent with Economics as a major. Specific grade criteria and APS scores for Mathematics are also required.

Application Process for UJ Bridging Courses:

  1. Research: Delve into the UJ’s offered bridging courses to discern which aligns with your academic aspirations.
  2. Verify Eligibility: Ensure you meet the set criteria for your desired course. This might encompass academic qualifications, language proficiency, or other criteria.
  3. Apply Online: Navigate to UJ’s online application portal and adhere to the application guidelines.
  4. Document Submission: Prepare and submit necessary documents like academic transcripts, ID proof, and language proficiency certificates.
  5. Await Feedback: Post submission, UJ will process your application. Response times might vary. Some candidates may undergo further screening or interviews.
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Successful candidates will receive a formal offer letter detailing the subsequent registration steps. Ensure to meticulously follow the provided instructions for a seamless registration experience.

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