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University of Limpopo Bcom Accounting Modules

University of Limpopo Bcom Accounting Modules

School of Economics and Management Academic Programmes

Academic Programmes

University of Limpopo Bcom Accounting Modules, The School of Economics and Management offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the following disciplines:

  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Business Management
  • Economics
  • Development Studies
  • Human Resource Management
  • Public Administration
  • Transport Management
    • Flagship B.A Admin Programme in Transport Management

The Limpopo Provincial Department of Roads and Transport has committed itself to empower government officials with appropriate skills in transport management with a view to developing an efficient transport system within the province. For this reason, the provincial government requested the University, through the Department of Public Administration, to consider offering a programme in transport management. The Department of Public Administration sought the collaboration of the CSIR in Pretoria and decided to mount the programme.

To this end, a tripartite Memorandum of Agreement signed on 12 November 2004 witnessed the birth of South Africa’s first undergraduate degree programme in transport management. As part of its obligations under the agreement, the Limpopo Department of Roads and Transport has since 2005 been providing financial aid in the amount of R20 000 each to 50 full-time students who enrol every year for the programme in transport management. Students who are domiciled in Limpopo Province and who wish to take up careers in transport management with either the provincial or local government qualify for the scholarships.

  • Bachelor Degree Programmes in Accounting and Auditing

The Department of Accounting and Auditing prepares students to acquire knowledge and skills relevant for careers in accounting and auditing. Three undergraduate Bachelor programmes and one at the Honours level are offered.

In addition to the generic University entry requirements, a national senior certificate pass with adequate achievement or higher grade pass in mathematics at matriculation is an essential entry requirement into each of the programmes. Students, who do not qualify for entry into the B.Com (Accounting) degree, may be considered for the Extended B.Com. (Accounting) degree. The extended programme is offered over four years including a foundation year.

Persons who want to qualify as Charted Accountants may enroll for our Baccalaureus Computationis (B.Compt.) degree. The degree is offered over four years and qualifies a student for entry into the B.Compt (Hons) programme which is offered by the University of Johannesburg. After successful completion of the B.Compt. (Hons) degree a student also qualifies for the Certificate in the Theory of Accounting (CTA) which allows the student to sit for the professional Charted Accountant examination.

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