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Varsity College Business School Bursaries

Varsity College Business School Bursaries

Varsity College has various categories of awards, bursaries and scholarships available for which you may apply provided you meet the requirements. Should you wish to apply for any of the awards listed below, bursaries or scholarships, an appointment needs to be booked with a Student Adviser at a Varsity College campus in your area.


First year students can apply for academic awards based on their Grade 12 results. And while studying with us our current students can apply for awards based on their academic achievement in the previous academic year with us.


In acknowledgement of our new students’ previous leadership roles at their school, we reward these students for their roles as Head Prefects and Deputy Prefects, or equivalent.


We are investing in the teachers of the future. Scholarship opportunities are available for those who wish to follow a career choice in teaching. Our School of Education has a range of qualifications to consider in line with this career area.


At Varsity College we encourage our students to participate in sports, social and our community. We have two committees that dedicate their time to organizing and engaging in such activities. Members of these committees have an opportunity to be awarded bursaries for their involvement.


Sporting success earns our students opportunities for scholarships and bursaries. Our students can apply for campus sports bursaries, or form part of our Sports Life programme. Bursaries and scholarships apply to sports where students may represent the brand for team sports or at an individual level. Discretionary bursaries may also be granted where student has achieved at a national or provincial level. A number of sports bursaries are campus specific.

Please book an appointment with a campus sports administrator at a Varsity College campus in your area


Varsity College rewards loyalty by granting awards for graduates returning to study additional programs through The Business School and for parents and siblings of current students. If you are part of our Alumni and wish to study through our Business School, make sure you find out more about our loyalty awards.


Certain campuses have bursary categories that may apply to that specific campus. You are advised to speak to a Student Advisor on campus for information about any such opportunities for bursaries not listed above.

Bursaries, scholarships and awards are subject to change and are reviewed annually

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