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What Day Is Black Friday in South Africa?

What Day Is Black Friday in South Africa?

Black Friday, originally a shopping tradition from the United States, has found its way to South Africa, landing on the fourth Friday of November each year—the day following American Thanksgiving. While it’s not an official public holiday, it’s embraced with enthusiasm by consumers who flock to both brick-and-mortar stores and digital marketplaces to partake in the shopping spree.

The dates for Black Friday in South Africa for the next few years are as follows: 

Year Date Day Event
2024 29 Nov Friday Black Friday
2025 28 Nov Friday Black Friday
2026 27 Nov Friday Black Friday
2023 24 Nov Friday Black Friday
2022 25 Nov Friday Black Friday
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Over recent years, Black Friday has surged in popularity across South Africa, ushering in the Christmas shopping season much earlier than before. Starting in the late 2010s, malls and retailers across the country began to aggressively promote Black Friday deals, turning it into a major retail event accompanied by significant crowds.

Interestingly, while Black Friday has prompted many South Africans to adjust the timing of their purchases, the overall amount spent or the types of products bought remain largely unchanged. Nevertheless, the day is marked by significant sales in big-ticket items, and online shopping figures have seen a remarkable increase, highlighting the growing importance of this day in the South African retail calendar.

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