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Where Can I Sell My Old Coins in South Africa

Where Can I Sell My Old Coins in South Africa


What is a coin?

A coin is a small flat round piece of metal or plastic with an official stamp which is primarily used as money or a medium of exchange.

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What are the examples of a coin?

1. Mandela Coin

2. Morgan Silver Dollar Coin

3. 1 oz South African Gold Krugerrand Coin

4. Canada 1 oz Gold Maple Leaf BU


What is an old coin?

Old coins refers to coins that were issued by past rulers/presidents of a country that are no longer accepted as a legal tender or a medium of exchange (money).


How do I know if my old coins are valuable?

Consult professional coin appraisers who can define the most accurate, up-to-date value of your old coin.


Where can I sell my old coins in South Africa?

The recommended place to sell your old coins is at a bank or a currency exchange office. A person can sell his old coin at the following enterprises:

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1. The South African Gold Coin Exchange (SAGCE)

2. Randburg Coin (Pty) Ltd

3. Mperor’s Coins

4. Collectors Investments

5. City Coins

6. Muntstuk International Coins

7. Keogh Coins SA CC

8. The SA Coin Corporation (Pty) Ltd

9. P&G Coins & Collectables

Which bank buy old coin in South Africa?

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB)

Where can I sell my old coins in South Africa?

1. Bidorbuy

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2. eBay

3. Gumtree

4. Junk Mail

5. Ananzi

How much is the 2008 Mandela R5 coin worth?

The 90th birthday coin can be worth from R50 and R1,000.

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