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Where Can I Study Fashion Designing In South Africa

Where Can I Study Forensic Science In South Africa
A forensics education in South Africa differs slightly from that of other countries. South Africa, in contrast to other regions of the world, exclusively offers post-graduate programs for forensic scientists. A South African forensic scientist is defined by the University of Cape Town (UCT) as “a scientist in one of the areas of science who applies his or her knowledge to ‘forensic cases'” (paraphrased).
Why is forensic science important, and what is it?

When a scientific method is applied to a criminal investigation, the results can be used as evidence in court to help the prosecution or defense in a criminal trial. This is known as forensic science. The scientific disciplines of physics, biology, and chemistry are all used in the fields of forensics among them are biology, chemistry, and physics.


For many years, forensic science has played a significant role in criminal investigations and convictions. From the first comparison microscope, developed by American physician Calvin Goddard to identify which bullets came from different casings, to the first crime lab, established by Edmond Locard in France in 1910, fingerprint classification has come a long way since Sir Edward Henry, commissioner of the Metropolitan Police of London, created it in the 1890s. Since examining bullet casings and fingerprints, forensic science has advanced significantly. Today, there are over 14 distinct fields of study, including DNA analysis and digital forensics.

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Three career paths exist in forensic science.

To become a forensic technician in South Africa, the first step is to complete an undergraduate degree (National Certificate Forensic Science on NQF 5). Following an undergraduate degree, which we shall describe below, the second way is through a postgraduate degree, and the third way is through experience (primarily from police work). Before we look at the study options, let’s first take a look at the subjects that must be studied in high school. We will then explain the variations to each option.
A list of forensic science universities in South Africa
University of the Free State (UFS):

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To familiarize students with the many biological and physical evidence types discovered at crime scenes, the University of the Free State provides a forensic science program.
The University of KwaZulu-(UKZN) Natal’s Department of Criminal and Forensic Studies seeks to acquaint students with the biological, sociological, and psychological aspects of criminal behavior and investigate how to apply these aspects to comprehend the variety of criminal behavior.
You can also look into the Bachelor of Arts in Forensic Science and Technology degree offered by the University of South Africa (Unisa). This undergraduate degree is intended for students who are employed in the field of forensic investigation as well as those who want to advance to middle management levels as forensic investigators.
University of the Free State (UFS):

To familiarize students with the many biological and physical evidence types discovered at crime scenes, the University of the Free State provides a forensic science program. At the conclusion of their studies, students will get a Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Science.Students can receive training in MMed (Master of Medicine): Forensic Medicine Specialization within the Department of Forensic Medicine.
University of Technology in the Cape (CPUT)
Medical Laboratory Science is a four-year study provided by the Faculty of Health and Wellness at Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

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