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Where to Buy Moss in South Africa?

Moss in South Africa


Where does moss grow in South Africa?

The species occurs in Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho and all nine provinces of South Africa. In South Africa, Trichostomum brachydontium grows in a large variety of habitats, but is usually found on damp soil or soil over rock on southern aspects of exposed sites or in semi-shade.

Where do you usually find moss?

Generally, Mosses are distributed throughout the world except in salt water and are commonly found in moist shady locations. They are best known for those species that carpet woodland and forest floors. Ecologically, mosses break down exposed substrata, releasing nutrients for the use of more-complex plants that succeed them.

Does moss grow in South Africa?

Mosses are now classified on their own as the division Bryophyta. There are approximately around 12,000 species. 23,420 species of vascular plant have been recorded in South Africa, making it the sixth most species-rich country in the world and the most species-rich country on the African continent.

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How do you get moss in South Africa?

Moss is generally collected from fallen logs, rocks, or the forest floor. Moss can look yellowish when dry and dormant but generally turns a bright green within minutes of moisture introduction. I like the look of the bright green live moss so I generally collect moss after a period of rain.


What Does Moss Need to Grow?

Here the requirements for growing Moss:

  • Moisture
  • Shade
  • Acidic soil with a pH value of 5.0 – 6.0
  • Partial to full shade is essential. Avoid afternoon sun as it will destroy your moss patch quickly.
  • Weed-free area.
  • How can I maintain Moss?
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What is required to maintain moss in South Africa?

In Order to keep your moss growing maintain shade, moisture, and a low soil pH value.

  • Keep the weeds and fallen leaves at bay.
  • Mist, soak, or water the moss with a shower nozzle watering can. Water it only when the moss appears faded and dry to the touch.
  • Do not fertilize moss.
  • When growing moss outdoors, mimic the environment in which moss grows naturally.
  • When growing moss indoors, choose a bright spot with proper ventilation. Do not place moss in a dark area. Remember sunlight is the key for moss to survive, as it photosynthesizes in the light.


What is moss used for?

According to research, in herbal medicine, moss is most commonly used as a diuretic or as a cure for coughs, depending on how the moss is processed and which moss is used. Irish moss is used for its mucilaginous and nutritional qualities. Sphagnum moss has been used since ancient times as a dressing for wounds.

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Where can I buy moss in South Africa?

The following are stores where you can buy moss in South Africa:

  • Greenside Nursery

Address: Tafelberg Ave, Spitskop Small Holdings, Bloemfontein, 9301, South Africa

Phone: +27 51 451 3001.


  • Starke Ayres Garden Centre

Address: 21 Liesbeek Pkwy, Rosebank, Cape Town, 7700, South Africa

Phone: +27 21 685 4120.


  • Stodels Garden Centre – Centurion

Address: Castanet St, Brakfontein 399-Jr, Centurion, 0157, South Africa

Phone: +27 12 940 8006.


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