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About University of Johannesburg UJ Faculty of Management

About University of Johannesburg UJ Faculty of Management

The Faculty of Economics and Financial Sciences (FEFS) and the Faculty of Management (FOM) have been joined to form the College of Business and Economics at the University of Johannesburg (CBE). The College consists of the following Schools, Departments, an Institute and Centers to promote knowledge creation and postgraduate studies.


Why is the College of Business and Economics (CBE) called a College?

The College of Business and Economics is named as such to align with international conventions from leading international universities which group major academic disciplines together in Colleges.

What is the impact of the College of Business and Economics?

The CBE serves as a major contributor to socio-economic transformation housing:

    • 16 842 full-time subsidised undergraduate students enrolled in a wide range of degrees and diplomas
    • 2 669 postgraduate students enrolled in Honours, Postgraduate Diploma, Masters and Doctoral programmes
    • 6 578 part-time, Continuing Education Programme (CEP) students who studied while working

Over the last five years, the CBE has graduated:

    • 26 088 graduates, among whom 6 212 completed postgraduate studies

Besides graduate output, the CBE:

    • Creates new knowledge (in 2016 contributed over 290 research subsidy credits)
    • Works closely with the private and public sectors in problem-solving
    • Has a hands-on approach to promoting entrepreneurship, notably among the youth
    • Drives a wide range of social responsibility initiatives managed by students
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How many staff does the College of Business and Economics have?

    • The CBE is supported by 509 staff members.
    • Of these 324 are academic members of staff of whom 109 hold doctorates.

Where is the CBE located?

The College operates across all four of the UJ campuses.
For details of staff offices please refer to Contact Us

Will there be any changes to the timetable, lecture venues and examinations?

There are no changes to the above.

Are there any changes in programmes currently offered by the Faculty of Management and the Faculty of Financial and Economic Sciences?

During the 2017 academic year, there are no changes to the existing programmes.
Currently enrolled students will complete their programmes over the next few years as planned, without any compulsory changes.

Are there any new programmes to be offered by CBE?

Yes, and these new programmes will be advertised through the University channels.

Who will lead the CBE?

The College will be led by the Executive Dean who will report to the UJ Deputy Vice Chancellor: Academic.
The Executive Dean will represent the CBE as a full member of the UJ Executive Leadership Group.
The Executive Dean will be accountable and responsible for CBE governance.
CBE Vice-Deans will be appointed by September 2017.
The Johannesburg Business School and the School of Accounting (schools exceeding 5 000 enrolments) will be led by Senior Directors.  Other Schools will be led by Directors.
The Dean will oversee the portfolios of the Vice-Deans, Directors of Schools and Heads of Faculty Administration.

When will the leadership be appointed?

The Executive Dean and Vice-Deans are expected to be appointed by the end of September 2017.

Prof Daneel van Lill (former Executive Dean: Faculty of Management since 2011) will hold the role of Interim Dean until the new Executive Dean is announced by the UJ Council.

Who do I contact if I have an academic administrative query?

The faculty administrators responsible for qualifications are your first point of contact.

Accountancy, Economics, Finance and Investment (former Faculty of Economic and Financial Sciences)

Management of Private and Public Sector Organisations (former Faculty of Management)

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How will I find my lecturers or administrative staff of the College?

The current departmental secretaries or faculty administrators responsible for qualifications are your first point of contact.

Which policies are applicable to me?

For 2017, policies and procedures of the respective faculties will remain unchanged.

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