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Ann Latsky Nursing College Requirements

Ann Latsky Nursing College Requirements

Ann Latsky Nursing College Requirements
Ann Latsky Nursing College Requirements

Navigating the Admission Process at Ann Latsky Nursing College

Securing your place at Ann Latsky Nursing College hinges on fulfilling the specific admission criteria for your chosen qualification. If you find that these prerequisites are beyond your current qualifications, consider exploring alternative options or, if eligible, an extended program. This program offers a modified study load in the initial year and is outlined in the college’s admission guidelines.

Admission Requirements at Ann Latsky Nursing College

Stage One: Initial Application Criteria

For the Senior Certificate:

  • Achieve a minimum pass rate in English: D on Higher Grade (HG) or C on Standard Grade (SG).
  • Attain a Biology pass rate of at least D HG or C SG.
  • Accumulate at least 15 points to progress to the next phase of the admission process.
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Calculating Your Admission Points

To determine if you’ve achieved the necessary M-score of 15 points, assign values to your matric certificate grades using the scale below:

Symbol Higher Grade (HG) Standard Grade (SG)
A 6 5
B 5 4
C 4 3
D 3 2
E 2 1
F 1 0

For the National Senior Certificate:

  • English: Secure at least a 50% pass rate (Level 4).
  • Life Sciences: Also, a minimum of 50% (Level 4).
  • You must have a minimum point score of 25 to move to the next admission stage.

Please Note:

  • For Life Orientation, only half the obtained mark counts towards your score (e.g., a score of 6 becomes a 3).
  • Use your final Grade 11 results if you’re currently in Grade 12.
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Provisional Acceptance:

Initial acceptance is based on the provided documentation and results, with final admission contingent on final Grade 12 outcomes.

Stage Two: Assessment Invitation

Meeting phase one’s criteria will result in an invitation to participate in an assessment as part of the selection process.

Stage Three: Final Selection Steps

Short-listed candidates will be subject to a mandatory assessment and interview. Those who pass this stage will be required to complete medical surveillance checks, which include a comprehensive medical examination and a thorough verification of all submitted documents.

Remember, each phase is crucial for advancing through the application process and securing your spot at Ann Latsky Nursing College.

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