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Farms for Sale Swellendam South Africa

Farms for Sale Swellendam South Africa



What is Swellendam known for?

Swellendam is the fifth oldest town in South Africa (after Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Simon’s Town, and Paarl), a town with 17,537 inhabitants situated in the Western Cape province. The town has over 50 provincial heritage sites, most of them buildings of Cape Dutch architecture.

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What is farmed in Swellendam?

Swellendam is 200km east of Cape Town on the N2 highway. Swellendam has a Mediterranean climate and surrounded by 3 nature reserves. Farming in the area consists of wheat, canola, sheep and dairy farming.


What fruit is grown in Swellendam?

Swellendam is home to Wildebraam Berry Estate – the largest youngberry producer in the world. Wildebraam Berry Estate is responsible for almost 90% of the world’s youngberry production.


How much does farms in Swellendam, south Africa?

The prices of farms in Swellendam,  South Africa, could be between 3, 000, 000 to 100,000, 000.

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Where can I buy farms in Swellendam, South Africa?

You can buy farms in Swellendam, South Africa on real estate websites such as:




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