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Farms for Sale in  George, South Africa

Farms for Sale in  George, South Africa



What is George, South Africa kownn for?

George, Western Cape is the only area in the whole of Africa where hops grow successfully, which an essential ingredient for beer is making.


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How much does farms in George, South Africa cost?

On Average, farms in George, South Africa cost between R3, 800, 000 to R32, 000, 000.


How many hours is George from Johannesburg?

The driving distance between George and Johannesburg is 1170.6km and it would take you 14 Hours 38 minutes if you average 80 km/h (49 mph).



Is George a small town?

George is a small town located on a plateau with a pleasant oceanic climate. There are a few factors that make George a beautiful town to pass through. There are lots of lovely historical buildings, including the Dutch Reformed Church and this little town is also surrounded by world-renowned golf courses

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How can I buy a farm in George, South Africa?

You can visit these websites, contact the seller and make buying agreements:


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