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Farms for Sale in Limpopo South Africa

Farms for Sale in Limpopo South Africa



How many farms are there in Limpopo?

According to Statistics South Africa: 2002, At present there are approximately 5 ,000 commercial farming units in Limpopo Province.

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What grows well in Limpopo?

Limpopo grows more tomatoes than any other place in the southern hemisphere – that includes South America where tomatoes originate. The province grows two thirds of the tomatoes in South Africa as well as three quarters of the country’s mangoes and 60% of the avocados.


How much does farms in Limpopo cost?

On Average, farms in Limpopo cost between R240,000   to   R17,000, 000


What crop is grown in Limpopo, South Africa?

Limpopo’s rich soils yield crops of maize, coffee, peaches, litchis, papayas, tomatoes, potatoes and tea plantations. Add venison, cattle and sheep and you will see why this province has plates piled high with flavour. Between Limpopo’s plentiful past and delicious present is the food terroir of Limpopo.

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What can I farm in Limpopo, South Africa?

In Limpopo, the Eastern Cape and the Western Cape, the biggest commercial farmers are farming with fruit. Limpopo’s biggest crop is oranges, but it also produces other citrus fruits like grapefruit, lemons and naartjies.



Where can I buy farms in Limpopo, South Africa?


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