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Game Farms for Sale Limpopo Province South Africa

Game Farms for Sale Limpopo Province South Africa



What does game farming mean in South Africa?

Game farming is a method of farming that uses wildlife species as livestock instead of domesticated animals. The wildlife species are better adapted to the veld and other conditions, cause less damage and are less affected by disease and illness. Species used include eland, crocodile, guinea fowl, zebra and ostrich.

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Are game farms profitable?

Profits generated from the ranches vary, depending on rainfall and land prices, but research indicates that a typical commercial game ranch generates about R220 a hectare of economic output, compared with an average R80 a hectare for conventional livestock farming.


How much does game farms cost in Limpopo, South Africa?

In the traditional game ranching areas in Limpopo prices range from R8 000 per hectare to as much as R20 000 a hectare, depending on the improvements and the value of the game.



Where to buy game farms in Limpopo, South Africa?

You can buy farms in Limpopo, South Africa on real estate websites such as:

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