Health & Fitness Profesionals Academy (HFPA)

Health & Fitness Profesionals Academy (HFPA)

Our Story

Founded in 1979, HFPA was one of the first organisations, internationally, to recognise and act upon the need for representation and specialised training for the sport and fitness industry.

Since then we have lead the way as a Higher Education Institution for health, wellness and fitness professionals around the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to maintain a leading position as a Higher Education Institution in the health and fitness industry while contributing to its long term growth and success.

We also promise to always represent the interests of our students and to provide services according to their evolving needs.

HFPA is registered with the International Register of Exercise Professionals, an international governing body for fitness education. This means that our qualifications are recognised internationally and that our students can gain employment in Europe, the UK, the USA, the U.A.E, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and South Africa without having to undergo further assessments or examinations

We offer

—  Specialty Health & Fitness Courses
—  Introduction Courses
—  Group Instructor Courses
—  Mind & Body Courses
—  Sport Psychology Courses
—  CPR Course

We offer the following study modes:

—  Full time
—  Part time
—  Blended (online + workshops)
—  Online