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How Much Is A Passport In South Africa?

How Much Is A Passport In South Africa?

Passport prices have undergone significant changes, particularly with a notable 50% increase in 2022, reflecting a sharp departure from past rates.

In a detailed report by Business Tech, it was highlighted that Aaron Motsoaledi, the Minister of Home Affairs, attributed this considerable price rise to the fact that it had been a decade since the last adjustment. Additionally, he emphasized that despite the increase, South African passports remain substantially more affordable, being three times less expensive than those issued by many other nations.

Current Pricing Structure

As of 1 November 2022, the revised fees for South African passports and other official travel documents have been implemented. The costs for South African citizens are as follows:

  • The standard adult tourist passport (32 pages) is priced at R600.
  • The maxi tourist passport, offering 48 pages, is available for R1,200.
  • Passports for children are set at R600.
  • The fee for an official passport is R600.
  • Diplomatic passports are also priced at R600.
  • Documents issued for travel purposes are charged at R600.
  • Crew member certificates are available for R600.
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For South African citizens applying from abroad through Missions, Embassies, or Consulates, the fees are adjusted as follows:

  • Adult tourist passports (32 pages) are priced at R1,200.
  • The maxi tourist passport for adults (48 pages) costs R2,400.
  • Child passports are available for R1,200.
  • Emergency travel certificates are issued at R140.

This pricing adjustment comes amidst reports of a decrease in South Africa’s inflation for the second consecutive month, offering a broader economic context to the new passport fee structure.

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