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How to Become a Building Inspector in South Africa

You finish the SAHITA online course at your own pace: Most people finish the course in 5 to 10 months. You will be awarded the well-known SAHITA Certificate of Competence and will be entitled to join NABISA ( You can pay a single R20 999 cost or three R7 500 installments.


Home inspection is one of South Africa’s most attractive business options. Home inspectors give an unbiased assessment of the condition of existing structures. Home inspectors, sometimes known as “property surveyors,” play a vital role in the real estate and insurance sectors across the world. Home inspectors are known as “property risk assessors” or “insurance adjusters” in the insurance sector.


Home inspectors’ primary responsibility is to deliver written findings to property purchasers, property owners, and property insurers. These inspection reports detail the condition, compliance, and dangers of owning an existing property or facility.

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For South African Home Inspectors, Building Inspectors, Insurance Adjusters, and Project Managers, SAHITA provides a validated and generally recognised professional certification.


Is it simple to work as a house inspector?

And, in addition to full-time work, house inspection is a simple side hustle. Indeed, many people with non-traditional schedules, such as firemen or paramedics, may establish a home inspection business in addition to their primary job to keep themselves active and earn additional money.


What exactly does a house inspector do?

A home inspector is a trained expert who visually inspects a house’s structure and components for immediate or impending issues. They offer you with a written report that includes a summary of the issue areas as well as recommendations for future investigation.


Is it difficult to fail a house inspection?

And, just as you cannot fail a physical examination (regardless of your health), a house cannot fail an inspection. A home inspection is essentially a visual evaluation of the general condition of a house. The home inspection report summarises the physical condition of a house and highlights what may require critical repair or replacement.

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Are house inspectors in South Africa in high demand?

Construction and building inspector jobs are expected to fall by 3%. Despite decreased employment, an average of 14,300 openings for construction and building inspectors are expected each year over the next decade.


In South Africa, how many hours per week do house inspectors work?

When compared to other occupations, home inspectors have a lot of leeway. Their timetables, however, might differ depending on whether they operate independently or for a corporation. Those who own their own company and operate alone may work up to 80 hours per week.

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How long does it take to become a South African house inspector?

Depending on your present career or other responsibilities, our live and online courses may have you in the field inspecting houses in as little as 2-3 weeks. For many people, getting the correct training and gaining the essential field experience to start your own firm takes about 2-3 months.


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