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University of Cape Town UCT Developing Women in Leadership

University of Cape Town UCT Developing Women in Leadership

The core areas of this course – Personal Mastery, Leadership Presence, and Building Relationships for Impact – allow aspiring female leaders to become more self-aware, connect more authentically with others as an inspiring presence, and manage relationships successfully across a broad spectrum; from direct reports to peers, managers and other stakeholders.

Attendees will benefit from a number of teaching methodologies from three experienced facilitators, in explorative and interactive sessions with supportive peers. Jenny Boxall, Makgathi Mokwena and Sue von Hirschfeld each bring their own unique expertise to the programme, while additional niche faculty and guest speakers will add depth and specialist input.

The course begins with the learning foundation, and the first of the five leadership mindsets – leading the Self. Delegates are then guided through the context of the leadership challenge, including gender issues and coaching principles, after which the navigation of organisational power and politics are tackled. Key to this is tackling Impostor Syndrome and a persistent lack of self-belief.

Finally, delegates are guided through building relationships as a leadership practice and given the tools to move forward in leadership, including the support of a learning companion.

Is this course for me?

This unique five-day course is ideal for women who are interested in self-development, career advancement and personal fulfilment. It gives women an opportunity to really evaluate themselves in a safe environment and to benefit from feedback from their peers. Furthermore, it equips women with the skills needed to confidently lead and influence others.

Key Take-Outs

  1. An understanding of organisations, power and politics
  2. An understanding of the impact of broader gender issues in society of women in leadership
  3. Increased confidence in leading and influencing others
  4. Awareness of personal intention and impact
  5. Increased self-awareness, and commitment to continue the process
  6. Skills in negotiating, coaching and giving feedback
  7. Skills to make dual careers tenable, especially contracting in work and personal relationships
  8. A network of colleagues with whom they have a shared powerful experience

Course Information

This course runs in Cape Town on the GSB campus. For more information please contact the Executive Education department at the UCT Graduate School of Business on 0860 UCT GSB or email

21 – 25 August

Application deadline:
21 July

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