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When Does Child Maintenance Stop in South Africa?

When Does Child Maintenance Stop in South Africa?

When Does Child Maintenance Stop in South Africa?
When Does Child Maintenance Stop in South Africa?

If the maintenance order specifies that it will stop when the kid turns 18 years old, the court order will expire when the child reaches that milestone.


Each parent has a responsibility to provide for the child’s requirements and conditions within their resources. In South Africa, a parent’s obligation to provide for their kid ends when they are able to support themselves, not when they reach the age of majority (18 years old).


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Does child maintenance end automatically?

Typically, the parent responsible for paying CSA/CMS is expected to do so until the kid becomes 20 years old, at which point CSA/CMS payments cease (CSA/CMS terminates on 31 August following/on the child’s 16th birthday).


When a child attends college, do you continue to pay child support?

When the affected kid turns 16 or completes their secondary education (college), child support payments (as handled by the Youngster Maintenance Service) will end, potentially creating a gap when the child enrols in university.

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What is the South African minimum maintenance rate for a child?

Our legal system does not specify how much a parent should pay in child support; rather, each case is handled depending on the circumstances of the particular family. According to the widely recognised theory, each parent has a pro rata obligation to support their children according to their financial capabilities.


Can a parent refuse to make maintenance payments?

If one parent is denied access to a child by the other parent, that parent is not permitted to withhold maintenance payments. On the other hand, even if the other parent does not pay to the kid’s upkeep, a parent cannot deny the other parent access to the child.


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What is covered under child maintenance?

What is covered under child maintenance? Child maintenance pays for a child’s basic needs, including shelter, clothing, and food. School fees and other expenditures like these are not covered by child maintenance; instead, divorced parents can create a “Family Based Arrangement” to cover them.


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