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Farms for Sale in Brits South Africa

Farms for Sale in Brits South Africa



Where is brits located in South Africa?

Brits is an agricultural town situated near the popular Hartbeespoort Dam area, not far from South Africa’s political capital Pretoria (Tshwane). Farming in this region is optimal and the dam itself is the water supply for the extensive farmlands. It’s stated that the main product that the lush location produces is a variety of citrus fruit, grain and vegetables.

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What grows in Brits, South Africa?

Brits is a town situated in a fertile citrus, vegetable and grain-producing area that is irrigated by the waters of the Hartbeespoort Dam in North West Province of South Africa.


How much does farms in Brits, South Africa?

On Average, farms in brits, South Africa cost between R850,000 to R4,650,000.



Where to buy farms in Brits, South Africa?

Farms in Brits, South Africa are listed on real estate websites, such as:


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