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Title: South African Bulk Terminals (SABT) Bursary Program: Paving the Way for Future Leaders

Introduction: South African Bulk Terminals (Pty) Ltd (SABT), a subsidiary of the Bidvest Group, plays a vital role in the freight management industry by providing exceptional handling, storage, and transportation services for bulk commodities. As part of their commitment to supporting education, SABT is offering bursaries to talented South African students for the 2023 academic year. This blog post provides an overview of the SABT Bursary program, including coverage value, selection process, eligibility criteria, application procedure, and contact information.

SABT: Empowering the Freight Management Industry: SABT, a prominent entity within the Bidvest Group, owns and operates two state-of-the-art bulk terminals located in the Port of Durban. These terminals, namely DBS and RBT, are renowned for their world-class facilities and serve customers from across the globe. With their comprehensive freight management solutions, SABT ensures the efficient handling, storage, and transportation of various bulk commodities, contributing to the smooth functioning of the industry.

SABT Bursary Program: Fields of Study and Coverage Value: The SABT Bursary program presents an exciting opportunity for students pursuing studies in any field of their choice. Whether you aspire to become a scientist, engineer, accountant, or artist, SABT is committed to supporting your academic journey. The bursary covers essential expenses such as registration fees, tuition fees, exam fees, and other study-related costs approved by SABT management. By alleviating the financial burden, SABT aims to empower students to focus on their studies and reach their full potential.

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Eligibility Criteria for the SABT Bursary:

To be considered for the SABT Bursary, applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. South African citizenship.
  2. Age under 35 years at the time of registration for studies.
  3. Currently in Matric in 2022 or have completed Matric.
  4. Full-time study in 2022 at a recognized and accredited tertiary institution in South Africa.
  5. Not receiving any other bursary funding.
  6. Unemployed.
  7. Availability for on-site work experience if required.
  8. Preference given to students residing and studying in Durban, aligning with SABT’s Employment Equity and Business Operational requirements.
  9. Students with disabilities are encouraged to apply.
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Application Process for the SABT Bursary:

To apply for the SABT Bursary, follow these steps:

  1. Download and complete the SABT Bursary Application Form 2022 available in PDF format.
  2. Indicate “” as the source of information on the application form.
  3. Submit clear copies of the required supporting documents, including identification documents, academic records, proof of registration/acceptance at the tertiary institution, breakdown of study fees, and other relevant documents as applicable.
  4. Email the completed application form and supporting documents to Ensure to include “BURSARY2022” in the email subject line.
  5. Note that only emailed applications in PDF or Word format will be accepted. Hard copy applications will not be considered.
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Important Dates and Contact Information:

The closing date for the SABT Bursary is 31 January 2023. It is crucial to submit your application before this deadline to ensure consideration. For any inquiries regarding the bursary program, applicants can contact South African Bulk Terminals directly via email at


The SABT Bursary program opens doors of opportunity for South African students aspiring to pursue their chosen fields of study. By providing financial support and alleviating the burden of study-related expenses, SABT empowers talented individuals to focus on their education and build a bright future. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this prestigious program. Submit your application today and embark on a rewarding educational journey with SABT.

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