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Vodacom Bursary South Africa

Title: Vodacom Bursary South Africa 2024: Empowering Students in STEM Fields

Introduction: Vodacom, a leading mobile communications company in South Africa, is offering the Vodacom Bursary for the 2024 academic year. The bursary aims to support talented students pursuing undergraduate studies in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. Vodacom’s commitment to educational excellence and empowerment is demonstrated through the comprehensive support provided to bursary recipients, including financial assistance, laptops, work readiness training, and access to wellness services.

About Vodacom: Vodacom Group Limited is a prominent mobile communications company founded in 1994. As the largest cellular network in South Africa, Vodacom serves over 50 million customers and holds approximately 58% of the market share. In addition to South Africa, Vodacom operates in several African countries and provides services to customers in more than 40 African nations. The company is dedicated to providing reliable data, voice, messaging, and converged services to enhance connectivity and communication for individuals and businesses.

Fields Covered by the Vodacom Bursary Programme: The Vodacom Bursary Programme supports undergraduate studies in the following STEM fields:

  1. Science
  2. Technology
  3. Engineering
  4. Mathematics
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(Postgraduate students may also be funded at Vodacom’s discretion.)

Expenses Covered and Other Benefits: The Vodacom Bursary covers various expenses to ensure the academic success of recipients. These include:

  1. Registration fees
  2. Tuition fees
  3. Textbook allowance
  4. Meal allowance
  5. Accommodation in a university residence or a capped allowance for private accommodation

Bursary recipients will also receive a laptop and cellphone. Furthermore, they will benefit from an orientation workshop, structured vacation work programs for workplace exposure, work readiness skill training, and access to wellness services through the Wellness Programme (ICAS).

Selection Process and Contractual Agreement:

The Vodacom Bursary is awarded for the entire duration of the degree qualification, subject to recipients maintaining satisfactory academic results. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by no later than 15 December . Once selected, bursary recipients are required to enter into a contractual agreement with Vodacom. If a student decides not to accept the bursary offer, they must inform Vodacom within 48 hours.

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Eligibility Requirements for the Vodacom Bursary:

To be eligible for the Vodacom Bursary, applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. South African citizenship by birth
  2. Currently in Matric or have completed Matric
  3. Enrolled or intending to enroll full-time in an undergraduate qualification in a STEM field
  4. Entering the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year of full-time study
  5. Studying or intending to study at a recognized and accredited South African tertiary institution
  6. Exemption pass in Matric and a minimum result of 70% for all subjects
  7. Minimum overall average of 65% at the tertiary level for 1st-year students
  8. Demonstrated financial need
  9. No criminal record

How to Apply for the Vodacom Bursary: To apply for the Vodacom Bursary, follow these steps:

  1. Register an account on the Vodacom Bursary Platform.
  2. Await a verification email with a login link.
  3. Use the verification link to log in to your account.
  4. Complete the online application form, providing personal and educational details.
  5. Upload the required supporting documents, ensuring they are clear and certified.
  6. Enter “” as the source of information about the Vodacom bursary.

Supporting Documents: Applicants must submit the following documents with their online application:

  1. Certified copy of ID document
  2. Grade 11 results and Matric latest results (if currently in Matric)
  3. Certified copy of Matric certificate (if completed Matric)
  4. Full academic record/transcripts (if currently studying)
  5. Fee statement (on institution’s letterhead) if currently studying
  6. Proof of acceptance into a tertiary institution (on institution’s letterhead)
  7. Proof of any other bursary awards currently held
  8. Completed Parental Consent Form (for applicants under 18 years old)
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Closing Date:

The closing date for the Vodacom Bursary is 31 August. It is essential to submit applications before this date to be considered.

Contact Information:

For any queries regarding the Vodacom Bursary programme, applicants can contact Vodacom directly:

Bursary Department Email:


The Vodacom Bursary presents an excellent opportunity for South African students pursuing STEM fields to receive financial support and additional benefits. Through this bursary programme, Vodacom demonstrates its commitment to empowering students and fostering academic excellence. Eligible students are encouraged to apply and take advantage of the comprehensive support provided by Vodacom to pursue their educational goals.

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